Rose Otto Skin Care Pack


This Beautiful Skin Care Pack is a super cheap deal.  Equivalent to the cost of the Day and Night Cream alone, you will also get 4 other items in this pack. Face Mask, Face Scrub, Face Serum and Eye Serum. Awesome Deal!

Dr Organics Rose Otto Packs

Dr Organics Rose Otto Skincare Range - 3 Beautiful packs to choose from

EcoTankas - Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

From $20 and up

Attractive Stainless Steel Drink Bottles with BPA free plastic lids. Keep your drinks cooler.

We will fill with cold water when you purchase these bottles.

Herb Farm -Skin Defend Mist

INTRODUCING: The Herb Farm Protecting Skin Defend Mist. This powerful invisible mist guards your skin against pollution and environmental skin stressors.

The Skin Defend Mist contains Borēaline® Protect, a natural extract from the bark of the Black Spruce Tree. The bark is the tree’s natural defence shield and Borēaline® Protect acts in the same way for our skin.

This is combined with powerful natural ingredients, including The Herb Farm’s own herbal extracts, to deliver high levels of antioxidants to your skin which help to prevent oxidative stress and premature ageing.


Keep the Protecting Skin Defend Mist in your office (at work and/or at home) and use this fragrant beautiful mist throughout the day to top up your skins antioxidant and hydration levels!

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