About us

There are a couple of us who take turns on the shop floor and a number of practitioners who work from the room out back. Our aim is to be known as a friendly and inviting place where we will do our best to help you with your journey towards good health.  We are passionate about helping people and also doing what we can to head towards Zero Waste. We are slowly introducing more and more items that replace disposable goods. Some of the items introduced so far are: jute bags, coffee cups and drink bottles, toothbrushes, menstrual and breast pads, shampoo bars (no packaging).

Chris Wright - Business owner and Bowen & Reiki Therapist

Chris took over the store in 2016 and is qualified as a Bowen therapist having studied Anatomy and Physiology (500 hours). She has also trained in Emmett Technique and Reiki.   There have been many workshops and seminars attended over the last 30 years including Richard Moats "Moativational Medicine", NLP, Tissue Salts, and many more.

Chris is deeply interested in Natural health and living a positive lifestyle and is very passionate about reducing waste.

Wendy has worked in the shop for the last 10 years and has a vast knowledge of the products we sell.  Before this she was a Masseuse and Body Harmony Practitioner among other things.  She practices living a healthy and harmonious lifestyle and uses her own home grown herbs.