Claire Feasey is our Homeopath & Shiatsu Massage Therapist. She also works behind the counter as a retail assistant for us on a Wednesday morning.

Email: cafeasey@gmail.com

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What to expect:

The first consultation lasts about 2 hours for a chronic case and 30 min for an acute condition (injury, viral infection).

You will be asked many questions about your state of mind, your emotions, your attitudes toward the world and people, all your health issues. These reflect your personality and relate to your health so I can find a remedy that exactly matches the same mental, emotional and physical symptoms.


Generally you can expect general improvement of your sleep, mood and energy level. Your physical symptoms should also diminish or decrease gradually over the time before our next meeting.

If you have any prescriptions from your GP or other doctor, you should continue to take your medicine. I just need to know this to prescribe you a remedy in an appropriate dosage.


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a branch of complementary medicine which employs a holistic approach taking into account one’s mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Homeopathic remedies activate the body’s defence mechanisms to restore health. A homeopath identifies mental, emotional and physical symptoms and finds a perfectly matching remedy to that person. As every person is unique, so too is the required remedy individual to this person.


What is a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathic remedies are made from many substances existing on the Earth, by
special procedures - dilution and potentisation. The raw substance, such as a mineral, a plant or an insect, is used to make a tincture, in some cases it is ground up initially to make it soluble in water, then diluted many times, with each mixture being vigorously shaken to provide kinetic energy to the solution (this is a potentisation process). The number after the remedy name is called a potency and it means how many times it has been diluted and potentised.