Ear Candling available $30 per session includes 1 x set ear candles - contact shop for bookings

March Special - Any Viralex product 20% off.

Come and visit our friendly little store
For all your supplement
needs and advice

Open 9.30 - 4.30pm Weekdays 

Closed Weekends & Public Holidays


 Delivery an Option

depending on location

 Bach Flower Remedies Available

Please ask us if you would like to have some made up

These are perfect for stress and anxiety, grief, depression and more. $15.00 per bottle


Tea Tastings

Basilur & Tipson Organic Teas,  we will be offering a different tea to taste daily over the next few weeks.  Buy any two of these products and get 20% off

Teabags and looseleaf teas available.  Black, Green, White, Fruits, Medicinal, Beautiful tasting teas.

Come in and try some. Starting from $7.60